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Isolation isn't new for our families

At Ronald McDonald House Charities Sydney (RMHCS), we know very well that isolation isn’t new for our families. Whether staying at the House in Randwick or using one of our family rooms, parents, carers and sick kids can sometimes feel very isolated.

Many are staying at the House far from their friends, family members and their community and it’s not easy for them, so adding the restrictions placed on everyone through COVID-19 to ensure their vulnerable child is safe, it is so much tougher. However, we are a great believer that we remain focused on continuing to support our sick kids and families.

This is what RMHCS is about, keeping families together and creating community for them when they are so far from their own. It’s a place that provides them with more than they thought they would have ever needed. It’s a place that is incredibly grounding and yet incredibly inspiring.




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Please help us continue support our sick kids and families who are isolated during this difficult times.

How Wilbur made Abby smile

5-year-old Abby has been coming to RMHC Sydney with her mum Nicole, little brother Kayzen and Nanna Debbie, for the past 3 years whilst being treated for Henoch-Schönlein Purpura Nephritis at the Sydney Children’s Hospital in Randwick. For Abby, a trip in the car to Sydney meant one thing – a trip to the hospital. This made for a not-so-happy car ride, and for Abby and her family, this was a trip that they had to make quite often. During the past 3 years, Abby has stayed with us on 29 occasions and this doesn’t account for the local hospital stays that she has had to endure. Nicole said, “Wilbur was part of the change in Abigail’s approach to coming to Sydney. She used to cry as soon as we turned onto the freeway. After Wilbur’s arrival she was so excited to see him, there were no tears.” Abby couldn’t wait to meet Wilbur and even gave him his first toy – a little squeaky piggy. It was love at first sight! “One of my favourite memories is the day Abby met Wilbur. Both the kids just melted when they met him.” Whilst Abby still needs to stay at RMHC Sydney frequently, she does so with excitement, knowing that she is coming to visit Wilbur. You will hear her standing at the glass sliding doors announcing “Where’s Wilbur? I’ve come to see Wilbur!”