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The charity I am supporting is Sunnybrook's Family Navigation Project.

Did you know as many as 1.2 million Canadian youth are struggling with mental illness? In fact  4 out of 5 of these young people aren’t receiving the care they need. 

It is not due to  lack of services  It is because the mental health system is extremely complex and parents don't know how to find the right help for their child. 

For the past 8 years I have been working behind the scenes on an annual event that raises funds for an organization that helps to navigate families to the specialized care they need. The event is RBC Race for the Kids and the program is the Family Navigation Project (FNP) at Sunnybrook. 

I've had the privilege of speaking to some of the young people and families these navigators have helped. The stories are heartbreaking but hopeful. This program save lives and heals families.

Because RBC Race for the Kids  is virtual this year, I am now able to continue to support behind the scenes and also join as a participant to raise funds for this incredible program.

Please make a pledge and support young people in our community get back on track to a brighter future.


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