Meirlyn Ongko

Ronald McDonald House Charities Sydney

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My target 5 kms

The charity I am supporting is Singapore Children's society.

Charities need us more than ever and that is why I’ve signed up for the first-ever global, virtual RBC Race for the Kids to raise much-needed funds for youth charities around the world.

Please join me in supporting them.

Thank you from me and all the RBC Race for the Kids participants and charities!


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Rocky Indrawan

If I could get $1 every time Meirlyn's high-pitched voice landed on my ear, I'd be a wealthy man by now. But this time around let us cheer my noisy friend for her action is louder than words. Kudos to everyone involved, hope the kids feel the love. Meirlyn, please take this run seriously. God bless


Meirlyn Ongko



Run baby run.......


Kathy S

Run, Meirlyn, Run!!!


Fransisca Wiranto

You can do it, Mei!


Peter & Susy Ongko

What a wonderful thing you’re doing :)





God bless every step that you take ! Ganbatte Meirlyn !! (◠‿◠)


Jean Goh

Amazing effort! Run happy Mongko!!! Running with you in spirit! 💪🏻💪🏻



you better run properly hahahha