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Why I run...

Nine years ago, my husband Tim and I were looking to start our family. But due to an emergency abdominal surgery I had years before, the journey began with an appointment at the IWK Women’s Clinic. I was referred to an IVF clinic, and soon became pregnant with twins. During the pregnancy, I had to be closely monitored by the IWK, and at 24 weeks I was admitted to the hospital due to challenges with one baby receiving nourishment. It was a very difficult two weeks of monitoring and ultrasounds daily, but luckily everyone pulled through and I was sent home on bed rest. 

Team Andrews was able to make it to 36 weeks pregnant before my emergency C-section to deliver two healthy twin boys, Tyler and Taylor, now 6 years old. Because my babies were 4 weeks early, they stayed at the NICU for several weeks before going home as a family. 

Since then, we had another boy, Zach 5 years old, and we have continued to rely on the IWK for its specialized care. Throughout the past 6 years, my family has made many trips back and forth for food allergies, asthma with 2 kids, specialist appointments, visits to the IWK eye clinic and more. 

For me and my family, having the support of the IWK close by meant everything, and the stress from these challenges would have been made even worse had we needed to travel farther for treatment. 

We are always received excellent care from the team at the IWK. That's why I run. 

The charity I am supporting is the IWK Foundation.

Charities and the people they support need our help more than ever and that is why we’ve signed up for RBC Race for the Kids on October 15-16 to raise much-needed funds for youth charities around the world.

Did you know that gifts made in support of the IWK's Mental Health and Addictions (MHA) program help provide financial assistance for items that promote quality patient care, family-centered care and staff wellness? These can include treatment supplies and equipment, enhancing treatment environments and addressing unique patient needs outside of day-to-day operations.

By supporting me today, you'll help the IWK's MHA program by supporting care areas like the Garron Centre for Child & Adolescent Mental Health and the patients cared for on that acute inpatient unit. Through your support of my fundraising efforts, you are having a direct impact on the Maritime children and youth who rely on the IWK for vital mental health and addictions care and treatment. Thank you!

Thank you from me and all the RBC Race for the Kids participants and charities!


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Jane Bradbrook

Good work Marsha! thanks for supporting the IWK .. also a big part of my family!


Glenn & Susan Trueman

Great work Marsha


Jessica Lawlor


Sarah Coates

Way to go Marsha!


Shelley O'donnell-johnston

Mine was a high risk pregnancy and while I had to travel from Shelburne, I felt so blessed to have such specialized care in my own province.


Marsha Andrews