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The charity I am supporting is the Alberta Children's Hospital Foundation.

Charities need us more than ever and that is why I’ve signed up for the first-ever global, virtual RBC Race for the Kids to raise much-needed funds for youth charities around the world.

This year’s global virtual event on October 17 and 18 will bring people together from all over the world to help children & families. Mental health issues are the single largest health problem facing young people in Canada today, with 70% of them starting in childhood. That’s why this year’s RBC Race for the Kids is supporting the new Centre for Child & Adolescent Mental Health right here in our community.

The Centre will help young people and their families better identify and manage mental health challenges early - before they escalate into crises that require hospitalization.

I’m hoping you will support my fundraising efforts by making a donation! Together, we can Build the Centre, and Build Them Up! I will keep you updated on my fundraising progress, and if you're encouraged by my efforts, please feel free to register and join me!

Thank you from me and all the RBC Race for the Kids participants and charities!


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