Andy Smith


The charity I am supporting is Sunnybrook's Family Navigation Project.

This year - with its extraordinary challenges - young people need our support more than ever before.

Join or sponsor me as I take a personal challenge to complete 10KM the weekend of October 17 & 18, 2020 in support of youth mental health! As I take on this challenge, I am powered by three fundamental virtues:

1. As a father, I want to ensure our young people have access to the best possible mental health care.

2. As a health care provider, I recognize the life-changing and lifesaving impact of the Family Navigation Project (FNP), which has connected over 3,500 youth with mental health issues and their families with the services they urgently need. 

3. As President & CEO of Sunnybrook, I know the powerful role that philanthropy plays for programs like FNP.

Thank you for sponsoring me to help change the lives of youth with mental health challenges. 

My Achievements

Thank you to my Sponsors


Anne Odette Kaye


Premier Candle Corp


Andy Smith


Sheldon Pollack



Andrea Odette Federer


Linda Probyn


John & Amanda Sherrington

Andy, 10 Km over a weekend should be apiece of cake for a guy, who walks that much every day! Good luck, John & Amanda


Rosemary Mcleese

Hi Andy, Wishing you abundant energy and great success with your fundraising. Please look after yourself, we need you and Sunnybrook needs you.


Blake C. Goldring


Martha J Tory


Linda Mantia

Thank you for all you do!


Michael & Heather Faralla




Phillip And Stephanie Crawley


Charles & Beverley Harnick


Linda & Rob Last

A terrific cause!


Maneesh Mehta


Marilyn Reddick


The De Blois’

Good luck!


Sander Hitzig

Good luck!


Mabel Ho

Great work


Val Cabral

Good luck on your run Andy. Best regards, Val


Heather Mcdonald

Go for it Andy!!!!


Jaason Geerts

Good luck, Andy!