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The charity I am supporting is the CHEO Foundation.

Charities need us more than ever and that is why I’ve signed up for the first-ever global, virtual RBC Race for the Kids to raise much-needed funds for youth charities around the world.

I am participating in the RBC Race for the Kids event to support mental health programs at CHEO. Your donation will ensure each patient has access to the care that will be most beneficial for them, regardless of their age or the reason for their visit.

Please consider making a donation to my page.

Thank you from me and all the RBC Race for the Kids participants and charities!


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5km is NOT a joke!

Monday 21st Sep
Completed about 6km today (:


Sunday 20th Sep
Hi, my name is Amy. I am participating in the Race for the Kids and I wanted to share my experience for the next few weeks. 
I will be fundraising money for children who are living with a mental illness. The money will be used towards supporting families to have better access to proper treatments and services. 
Mental health is real, it does not discriminate. I have experienced it personally and through my friends and family. Everyone has the right to have access to all the services that they need, especially children. I have an opportunity to make a difference, so that is exactly what I am doing (: 
Come support me by either donating, following me for the next few weeks or even joining my team!! I have decided to complete 5km of walking everyday until the virtual event on Oct 17 - 18. 

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