Introduction to Kickboxing (For RBC Employees Only)

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Have you ever considered martial arts or been inspired by the recent Netflix series Cobra Kai? Why not try an Introduction to Kickboxing with Kazen Kai Martial Arts.


Kickboxing is a hybrid form of martial arts using a combination of techniques from Karate, Muay Thai and Boxing and is one of the best forms of all over body conditioning training, working mind and body.

Kazen Kai Martial Arts was formed in 2001 and has three full time martial arts centres in Essex with several clubs also running across the county, Kent and the North East of England. Neil Bromiley has been practicing martial arts for more than 20 years and teaching as a full-time instructor for 13 years with experience in teaching all ages and abilities.


During his competitive career, Neil has represented both Great Britain and England with his biggest achievement taking a Bronze medal in the World Championships. Neil was also awarded ‘Coach of the Year’ by the Brentwood Borough Council in recognition of his dedication and commitment to martial arts.


During this session you will learn a series of basic Kickboxing techniques to give an insight into the sport. You will learn the basic body mechanics required to deliver a fast effective punch as well as how to perform a basic kick. We hope that you will join us for this great all body workout.

No experience required, all ages and abilities welcome.

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