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The charity I am supporting is the CHEO Foundation.

Charities and the people they support need our help more than ever and that is why I’ve signed up for RBC Race for the Kids on October 16-17 to raise much-needed funds for youth charities around the world.

I am participating in the RBC Race for the Kids event to support mental health programs at CHEO. Your donation will ensure each patient has access to the care that will be most beneficial for them, regardless of their age or the reason for their visit.

Please consider making a donation to my page.

Thank you from me and all the RBC Race for the Kids participants and charities!


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Miss you Shane

Monday 6th Sep

Blog post - Miss you Shane from Cameron:

My uncle Shane struggled with addiction for over ten years.  He always put his best foot forward trying to overcome his fears and his addiction.  He went through long periods of not using drugs, unfortunately, he lost the battle to carfentanil.

Shane lost the battle, but to his family he was a hero trying to fight the demons of addiction.  He suffered severely from anxiety and depression, and OCD for most of his life.  Unfortunately, he self medicated with drugs, mostly opioids to try and pacify these fears.

Shane had a big heart, a bright smile and an infectious laugh.  He was talented in Art and was a naturally gifted athlete.  His passion was golf and snowboarding.  He loved to build snowboarding ramps and putting greens in our backyard.

The addiction to drugs did not define who Shane was, he was a loving son, a caring grandson, an amazing brother to 4 siblings and the most cherished Uncle to 2 nieces and 7 nephews.  He had so much compassion, and always showed kindness and love towards his family and his friends. He touched the lives of many; he could always feel and see other people’s pain and struggles and reached out to try to help them.  He saw the good in everyone.


I will be running in honour of my uncle Shane again this year. Please support me as we raise money for a very important cause đź’ś this means a lot to me đź’ś

Cheo stats: 
·       75% increase in mental health Emergency Department visits over the last 5 years

·       Outpatient visits for mental health treatment are up by 48%

·       79% of youth seen by crisis intervention workers at the CHEO emergency room had suicidal ideation or behaviour. 1/3 of them had a suicide plan or had made an attempt. 

·       Over 3,100 emergency room visits with kids/teens in need of mental health care in 2019

·       CHEO patients spent more than 5,600 days in CHEO for mental health related illnesses in 2019

Thanks you,

Cameron đź’ś

Thank you to my Sponsors


Diane M Roby

Good luck with your race and fund raising Cameron! You always think of what you can do to make the world a better place. Love you xx Mamie & Pappi


Christine Wingate

Nanna and Poppa are so proud of you for making a difference in Mental Health for Youth. In memory and honour of Shane


Lindsay And Sue Allen

Way to go Cameron!


Angela Welz


Helene Cummins

Nanny is very proud of you Cameron. This is such a great cause. Good luck with your run.


Louise Mclaren And Kris Sheldon

Your uncle Shane would be so proud of you!


Missy Mclean

You’re helping to make a difference in people’s lives. Thank you, Cameron. What a beautiful way to honour your Uncle Shane and show your family and community love.


Julie Hudson

What a beautiful way to honour your Uncle Shane, and to help all children who are struggling with mental illness. Thank you for doing this Cameron! My boys thank you too!


Ethier Shawn

Good luck


Matt Wingate

Way to go, Cam!


Auntie Juju, Uncle Wil, Cole, Jake & Luke

Love you Cameron! Thank you for fighting for this incredible cause and educating everyone on how important it is to pay attention to your Mental Health. Take care of you. We love you and we can’t wait to see you. Xoxo, Auntie Juju, Uncle Wil, Cole, Jake & Luke


Angela Vos

Thank you for being such a inspiration Believe in the power of HOPE


Cameron Binks


Lamarche Family


Anna Maria Iredale

Way to go Cameron. Sorry I can’t donate a lot. But if you can encourage everyone in your city to give $5.00, it will add up to a lot fast. You are doing fantastic buy the looks of the numbers.