RBC Race for the Kids, October 17-18, 2020
Global Virtual Race supporting youth charities around the world

Investing in the future of our kids

Fundashon Norma i Balor (FNB) is a non-profit organization that offers a safe and productive place for the underprivileged kids of Bandabou (the rural area of Curaçao) when parents are at work.

Aimless hours become productive, the kids' interpersonal and social skills advance, their academic performance improves, as does their behaviour.

FNB runs an after school program (warm meals served every day) in which next to providing academic support, they mentor the kids, teach sports, music, art, values etc. They also involve the parents and siblings by organising family days.

Furthermore, FNB does fundraising for 12 other social initiatives in Bandabou that work with kids and they regularly invited to join FNB's activities.

FNB's vision is to invest in the kids in the early stages of their life and as such prepare them to become healthy and confident individuals who will be able to positively contribute to their community.

FNB is grateful for your support…..thanks so much!



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Fundashon Norma i Balor plays a vital role in the community of Bandabou as they not only take care of their own group of kids but also oversee the initiatives of 12 other volunteer groups covering different neighborhoods. What is so wonderful is that FNB share part of their donations with these 12 groups. Unfortunately support has dwindled in the past year and so your support will help FNB to continue to invest in the future of the kids of Bandabou.

RBC Global Virtual Race for the Kids, supporting youth
charities around the world

Over the past decade, the RBC Race for the Kids series has grown to include 17 charitable events raising more than $57 million for our local charity partners. This year, the COVID-19 pandemic means most of our physical Races can’t happen so welcome to the first ever RBC Global Virtual Race for the Kids. Our ambition is to create the world’s biggest, virtual family fun run in support of over 30 youth charities to help them continue their incredible work at this challenging time.


These kids deserve the chance to a great future!


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