RBC Race for the Kids, October 17-18, 2020
Global Virtual Race supporting youth charities around the world

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In Germany, too many children and families still live in poverty. We want to change that! We help children and their parents with seemingly simple means, such as free lunch, free homework supervision and tutoring or conversations and advice. But even these simple means must be financed. Therefore we need your help.

Our ambition is to create the biggest virtual family fun run in the world as a way to profile RBC’s global reach, culture of delivering social impact and Race history since 2009. This global movement will unite colleagues, families, friends and clients behind a single cause - our communities - with a focus on youth mental and physical health. This campaign will demonstrate the authenticity of RBC’s purpose through action.



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57% of 100% of the 2020 donation target has been reached so far.


more than 4.000 children and youths in 25 locations across Germany benefit from Die Arche; 1.450 warm meals distributed to children and youths on average per day - mostly lunch and approx. 8.000 per week; 4.074 children have received clothes from Die Arche clothing stores over the year; supported 138 young people in their search for internships and apprenticeships; 1.059 children and youths experienced unforgettable holidays at Die Arche camps