RBC Race for the Kids, October 14 - October 15, 2023
Supporting Children's Hospital Foundation of Manitoba

Your present can change their future

Thank you for supporting Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba with RBC Race for the Kids! 

All funds raised will go towards the Better Futures campaign, Manitoba’s largest-ever donor-driven campaign in support of child health, which focuses on three areas of strategic priority in pediatric health care: critical infrastructure and facilities, leading-edge pediatric research on childhood illnesses, and innovative programs to bring comfort to families in hospital – like the Indigenous Community Healing Space and Child Life programming this race will directly support.

The Indigenous Community Healing Space at HSC Children’s Hospital will provide families with a safe space for healing while they’re away from their home community and cultural supports.

Child Life programs provide comfort to kids and families in hospital and include:  

- Children’s Hospital TV (CHTV), the in-house TV station that provides free programming for all patients and broadcasts a live, daily show to engage and entertain kids in hospital
- Music Therapy
- The library program 
- The playroom, that has toys, games, space for special celebrations, activities like arts and crafts and a mini hospital environment where kids can learn about procedures and treatments they will experience in hospital 

Thank you for helping #GiveBetterFutures for sick and injured kids!



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Together as a community we can help HSC Children’s Hospital care for more than 140,000 patients every year and offers important support to their families.

RBC Race for the Kids, supporting youth charities around the world

Over the past decade, the RBC Race for the Kids series has grown to include 25+ charitable events raising more than $82 million CAD for local charity partners.
RBC is supporting virtual and live family fun runs all over the world in 2023. Please join a race close to you and help these amazing youth charities continue their important work.

Thank you for your support!



Your present can change their future - support sick and injured kids in Manitoba with a gift today



kids each year


Provide comfort items that help kids manage anxiety & stress while in hospital for tests and treatments


Support development of culturally safe spaces and programming in hospital for kids to feel safe while away


Develop programs for mental health care for kids closer to home, their families and support networks


Help build safe playspaces for kids experiencing mental health challenges that require them to stay in hospital.

You can help kids like Janessa.

When Janessa was 11 years old, she needed to be rushed by Medivac from the General Hospital in The Pas to HSC Children’s Hospital. But her health journey started much earlier. At age five she started having high fevers and recurring urinary tract infections (UTIs). Nearly every two months for a year her mom would seek help at the local nursing station in Pukatawagan. The UTIs got worse and Janessa was in more and more pain, so the family drove 210 km from their home in Pukatawagan to The Pas emergency room, where they were referred to HSC Children’s in Winnipeg.

At HSC Children’s, doctors told the family that Janessa’s kidneys weren’t functioning properly. One was small and the other was diseased, causing urine to back up in the kidneys, thus causing the constant UTIs. Janessa had a surgical procedure that would prevent further backup into that kidney, but the diseased kidney a bigger concern.

The family took the train or airplane every three months from Pukatawagan to Winnipeg for check-ups. By age seven, Janessa had Stage 3 kidney disease but was stable for several more years, until age 11 when doctors said she had reached Stage 4 kidney disease with 25 per cent kidney function that continued to decline.

The family then packed up and found a place to live near the hospital in Winnipeg. Janessa was in kidney failure and needed a transplant, which happened in December of 2020 and was a success. Now Janessa continues to visit the hospital for checkups on her kidney function and her family has moved home to Pukatawagan where she can get back to activities she loves, like dancing.

You can help kids like Janessa by supporting Children's Hospital Foundation of Manitoba. Learn more about Janessa’s story at goodbear.ca/Janessa.