RBC Race for the Kids, October 17-18, 2020
Global Virtual Race supporting youth charities around the world

We will make an impact on Boyer familes...virtually!

These might be unprecedented times, but our commitment to families is unwavering: to continue providing the highest quality care – therapy, education, medical and family support – to all who need us, regardless of financial circumstances. Proceeds from this special virtual event will help advance Boyer’s mission, which we have proudly upheld since 1942.

Due to the significant challenges brought on by the pandemic, Boyer is committed to finding new, innovative ways to deliver care to the children and families who need us. We have worked to ensure that all families have equitable access to services, that the transition to remote tele-intervention has been seamless, and that the quality of care continues to be at the level our families have come to expect.



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The need to join together in support of Boyer's life-changing work has never been greater, and when it comes to supporting children of diverse abilities, there is no finish line.

By supporting us, you will help Boyer's staff respond to our families' rapidly-evolving needs. You will help ensure that families receive vital care - without interruption - during this most critical time of their child's brain development.

You will help alleviate anxiety our families might have around accessing care. You will help Boyer families continue to thrive.

RBC Global Virtual Race for the Kids, supporting youth
charities around the world

Over the past decade, the RBC Race for the Kids series has grown to include 17 charitable events raising more than $57 million for our local charity partners. This year, the COVID-19 pandemic means most of our physical Races can’t happen so welcome to the first ever RBC Global Virtual Race for the Kids. Our ambition is to create the world’s biggest, virtual family fun run in support of over 30 youth charities to help them continue their incredible work at this challenging time.


Together we will change lives.



Over the past five years, Boyer has provided more than $2.3 million through our Uncompensated Care Program, which is fully funded through philanthropy.

16,300 hrs

Last year, Boyer provided more than 16,300 hours of Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy to children with special needs.

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